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We always encourage clients to leave a review on our website about the quality of our products and our customer services. Therefore all the reviews written on this page are by clients like you who want to share their opinion about the products and services they’ve purchased. We have made this ones public strictly on first-hand permission from them otherwise we leave our reviews to ourselves.

I attended a weed show event last year organized by I had subscribed to their newsletter and received a notification about the event. Fortunately, I had no plans and it was around my area downtown in Denver so I gave it a try. Long story short that was one of the best days of my life and I can’t wait to have another similar to that. I’ll reserve the whole story because I was told to keep my review short and simple. I’m waiting for more updates on your events guys.


They have the best support system and each time it seems to get better. I have a marijuana card and so I never need to use the discrete shipping option. My parcel was held once at the custom and they had a team meet me right there in person so I could have my parcel. They are honest sellers.

Emily W

Been in constant search of a website that permits me to buy weed online with my credit card until I came across them. I tried as usual and I was shocked that it went through. I never need to stress to get weed again.

Melody k

I’ve made several purchases with this website and I always come back for more. The deliveries come to my doorstep and they are so friendly. I’m a seasoned stoner and I appreciate good weed when I see one. If you intend to shop with them, go ahead as you will receive just the original branded products you see on their website. Delivery is quite fast too

Travis Tay

I have been buying cannabis online for over 6 years now. And I find it safe to say you guys are one of the only honest companies left. I remember I requested a refund some few years back and the whole process went through perfectly to my greatest dismay. I rate highly and talk of you guys all the time with friends.

Sandra Meville

I was prescribed and purchased some medicinal products and oils for my child last year. I must say that is the sole reason why we both still breathe air today as they completely spared his life. I will refer this company to anybody any day at any time.

Chels Jane


megacannabissales, like every other marijuana dispensary, exists so as to ease the sale and distribution of weed both on and offline. Initially, we started off as a small farm and dispensary but have gradually grown as the years have gone by. 


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