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Rainbow Runtz Strain

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Rainbow Runtz Strain

Rainbow Runtz is much like its father, dense, clustered and jam packed with the purple buds common to indica-rich strains. I recommend asking the budtender at Joint Cannabis Club to put this candy under a light, so you can fully appreciate the sparkling beauty of its trichome crystals. To get past the coating of juicy terpenes and enjoy the purple colors of the bud, grind it up and take in the sea of purple and its pleasant flavors. Rainbow runtz strain

  • Genetics = Rainbow Chip x Runtz
  • Grown by Algoma Farms
  • Available at The joint for $17.34/gram
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • 15%  25% THC
  • Known to help with…relaxation, insomnia, and pain due to higher presence of the terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene, and farnesene.
  • Ideal for strain for…calm nights at home, stress and pain management. Watching a funny flick. Light reading. Oklahoma sunsets on a patio. Click here to go our home page:
  • certificate of analysis

1 review for Rainbow Runtz Strain

  1. Scuzzy B

    Honestly this is one of my top three strains, Blue Dream, Runtz, and Purple Punch are my top and Runtz is my favorite for creative thinking and problem solving. I love this for studying because the way my ideas and thoughts flow into one another is amazing. I could talk on and on about any subject. Everything tastes amazing and I love baking after smoking, it’s so nice for times that I can’t bring myself to eat anything. I could not recommend this strain enough.

    Scuzzy B

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