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Melonade Strain


Melonade is a heavily sativa dominant hybrid strain (90% sativa/10% indica) created through a cross of the delicious Lemon Zkittlez X Lemon Tree strains. Ever tried melon-flavored lemonade? Either way, you’re going to fall head over heels for this delicious bud. Melonade packs a sweet fruity citrus flavor with hints of tasty melons and sour lemon upon exhale. The aroma is earthy and citrusy with a melon overtone that becomes spicy as the nugs are burned. The Melonade high is just as delightful as the flavor, with calming and focused effects that are perfect for getting you moving on your to-do list of both mental and physical tasks. You’ll feel focused and euphoric with a lifted sense that provides you with a light mental energy that works well with creative and artistic undertakings. A relaxing body calm accompanies this cerebral state, keeping you totally calm yet energized throughout the duration of the high. With these effects and its insanely high 24-27% average THC level, Melonade is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from mood swings, depression, ADD or ADHD, insomnia and chronic stress. This bud has spade-shaped dense bright neon green nugs with rich forest undertones, thin orange hairs and a coating of frosty golden amber crystal trichomes.

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Melonade strain,

Not quite ready to give it 5 stars but it IS a mind-blower. Very stoney head-high, almost makes me blotto, then it tails off into an extremely pleasant, floaty yet able-to-function high.

Really nice smooth smoke with a cerebral effect and relaxing body high. Almost feels like nap time after smoking this. I usually like Indica dominant but this one is an exception. Melonade strain

Good sativa dom strain. Nice lemon taste and smell. Yes!

Amazing straing, crisp yet euphoric as hell. Nice and heady. Top 10 strain most def. the

Nice smoke, starts in your head ends in your toes. Functional PM smoke that has a mild headie at the start that mellowed into a relaxing body high. Was not groggy after smoking at bed time. Melonade strain

Very strong Indica body buzz with a very sweet flowery taste good for insomnia & stress has a very good euphoria kick

Excellent Indica. Definetely feels stronger than what the numbers say! Great smoke for a good body buzz and just to relax.

Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent’s Tastings — Brand: Dama Strain: BLUE AFGHANI Indica-dominant Hybrid — Potency Analysis: TTL 16% THC 1% THCA 15% — Cost: $15/gram — this is some serious indica. — he buds are tight and dense like dama generally produces. When you crack them open, there’s a dark purple center and the nuggets are so crystal laden it’s like every bud segment is just frozen. — Sweet, crystally good smoke fills the long and as it expands the blue flavor hits, and it’s remarkable. — The high is heavy and dense. While we were partying, this was the show stopper. We went from smoking 3 more joints and lining up dabs to falling out in our chairs. Such sparkling sweetness is significantly sleepy. — The numbers on this are low. Numbers don’t mean a thing, clearly. This is heavy duty without having a significant THC count, which just goes to show you. Cannabis
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