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Jelly Bean Strain


Jelly Bean, also known more commonly as “Jillybean,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created through crossing the classic Space Queen X Orange Skunk strains. With its sweet tangy citrus candy flavor and myriad of upbeat effects, Jelly Bean is one treat you won’t soon forget. The aroma of Jelly Bean is just like what the name suggests – sweet and fruity with a sugary candy effect that’s accented by a touch of earthy pungency. If you like the flavor, you’ll love this bud’s well-balanced and long-lasting effects. The Jelly Bean high hits you softly with a gentle euphoric lift that offers a pretty hefty mood boost and a slight infusion of energy. As your head high builds, your body will slowly become more and more relaxed without being sedated or weighed down. These effects and its moderate 15-18% average THC level make Jelly Bean the perfect bud for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, nausea, chronic stress or anxiety, and depression. This bud has long and fluffy conical olive green nugs with orange hairs and a thick coating of tiny amber colored crystal trichomes.

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Spectacular strain. For me the onset is fast acting and intense and it last 5 minute long. After that it’s another 4-5 hours of pure bliss. Widely available in med dispensaries in Massachusetts. Becoming my top 5 favorite

Why have red bull, coffee, or 5 hr energy when this exists. Makes chores fun. In oil form tasted delicious,,esp on the exhale. Prob a great choice for ADHD and helping people with getting appetites back. Found relief for neurological issues myself and the ADHD.

Got some today. THCA was 36%… Incredible high, decent taste, concise, compact bud…

I smoke it daily for relaxation. I’m more of a GMO Cookie girl.

Love this for a working mans high and for Nausea and stress

Upon smoking via my Grav Labs mini bubbler; the taste is amazingly fruity and Spicey with hints of citrus. Hits the head first, I couldn’t stop talking. Hella giddy euphoria. Body high is noticeable when I stop bouncing around or melt into the couch and munch out. Great strain for work, Made my introversion die down a lot. Great social lubricant strain. I was able to smoke before bed and sleep great. Helped my back pain as well. Good medicinal benefits. Anti fatigue and anti nausea effects. What more can I say? Love this strain. A++ 4.5/5

This is one of those strains that has all the right numbers but the high doesn’t equal those same numbers. I don’t know what it is but smoking many of the newest strains leaves me feeling like I’m missing something in my herbs. In spite of incredibly high THC numbers I barely feel the strain.

Great smell and taste, good Sativa with some Indica effects. Good for stress and anxiety.

beautiful – lovely – happy daze!

I did not realize that this was mostly sativa. I am an Indica smoker OG old skool and this was as the posts read. Nice bright lime green, orange hairs laid across, and the popcorn indica shape from the ten percent, I think. Enjoyed it but kept going back to the strong stuff there after like platinum OG and cookies and cream. My boy always has variety here in Ohio where still hard to get what you want. I would not grow this as I prefer Indica dominate species. Andy B. Columbus, Ohio

Very good strain and strong high

Bit of a throat burn but nice high

It is very strong 😬

Love this strain…very nice high and seems to put me right to sleep after!

Fantastic Strain, was suffering from a horrific case of Sciatica.. 2 weeks later, obtained a beautiful batch of this glorious Med.. Mobility, and pain Lifted..

Loving the STARDAWG!!! Cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, washed the cars…Making moves with the Dawg!

This bud is very pungent tastes love but floors you definitely recommend it

I must be getting old, cos this mocked me sideways, lovely taste smell and highly recommend but it did give me a whack using half my normal amount! so tread carefully to start!

Close to the best sativa I’ve had as far as an up,laughing sociable long lasting buzz .Tastes is also nice. Good stuff !!

Loved it. I was energized, had a nice body buzz, and an easy comedown. No anxiety, no harshness – it was all good from beginning to end.

I love star dog 5 stars

🌎🎑 Stardawg is some seriously earthy stuff. With a slight diesel taste, this strain is very interesting. I tastes exactly how it smells. The high is very heady, and somewhat of a creeper. It is very relaxing after a few minutes but also gives you quite a bit of sociability. The body high is pretty substantial after an hour! I would recommend this strain to anybody seeking pain relief without restricting them to drooling on the couch. Green Therapeutics did a fine job! b-Caryophyllene: 2.009 mg/g, b-Myrcene: 3.776 mg/g, Limonene: 3.87 mg/g, Linalool: 0.657 mg/g, b-Pinene: 0.841 mg/g, a-Pinene 0.497 mg/g.

This is a great relaxing strain for an evening guaranteed to be chill. It produces wonderful visual clarity and produces a very classical type high. For those that get a little tense at night from a stressful day; this one will do wonders for you!. jelly bean strain.

This is some fire dank right here! If this is indeed a cross of “Stardawg” & “GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)”, I totally get why this is so f-bombing dank!!! The bud structure looks “GSC-dominant.” It’s tight and dense. The smell is where I’m puzzled. It’s not pungent like her “parents.” The smell is almost reminiscent to “The White.” It’s a faint earthy, “Kushy” scent…with a hint of GSC. If I had to describe the taste/flavor, it would be “smooth gas” in which I would attribute to the “Chemdawg” influence in Stardawg. I can’t say I taste much GSC in this, but that Chem is definitely comin’ through. What I can say for myself is that the “Star Cookie” was able to alleviate my sciatica pain, allow me to relax and be happy. I know that the strain may be considered “Sativa-dominant,” but don’t get it twisted. A bong rip of this might put the novice smoker straight on their keister and count sheep right quick. Gotta love it! Major big-ups to the growers, harvesters and processors of Northwest’s Finest for procuring this awesome flower! jelly bean strain.

Got this at 420 Holiday in Longview, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog the Aging Ent’s Tastings — Brand: Pinnacle Northwest (PNW) Strain: Pineapple Express Sativa-dominant Hybrid — Potency Analysis: TTL 20. 8% THC 19. 6% CBD 0. 2% THCV 0. 1% CBC: 0. 9% — Packaging: 5. 75″ x 3. 5″ clear plastic, mylar-backed rip-top zip-top bag Cost: $7. 50 each ($15 for 2-pack of Pre-rolled stingers) — Like that movie, this is just decent. –The smell on the joints is generally just a dry herbal pot smell. Nothing fancy at all. — Overall the smoke was bland, and generally not very tasty. It was dry, and harsh. The flavors were primarily dry rough herbs and very bitter. The exhale was rough and heavily carbony. Overall, it got resiny very fast, but that just lead to even more carbon-rich, rough smoke. –The high was fast and choppy, but decently cloudy. There’s no doubt I got high, and felt dopey and dumb. It was decent. I laughed at stupid things and got munchies after. Cannabis
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Hands down best weed ever I’ve had. I have tried white widow but the buss never past as long as pineapple to me it’s the best weed out there. pineapple and widow should be crosses = widow express, now that’s dope. jelly bean strain.

This is the best hands down …..daytime….keeps me up and motivated and at night it helps me sleep peacefully

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