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Gruntz Runtz

(4 customer reviews)



Gruntz Runtz

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4 reviews for Gruntz Runtz

  1. Evelyn J

    got some runtz live resin and im on the moon. my tolerance has been a monster recently and this is doin the job! cant comment on the full flavors yet considering im using a nectar collector, but it smells incredible and even w the dab straw tastes great too. goin in the top 10 for sure.

    Evelyn J

  2. Mia B

    LAGE INDEX: 4* for me is 👌 5* for me is 🔥 and 3* being “mid” as in “middle of the road” any math of the day, runtz is 🔥 nuff said

    Mia B

  3. Oliver C

    Long lasting high! Great Body buzz! Tasty! Watched S3, E1 Of Ozark and felt like I was in the room with them! Had to pause it midway through so I could thoroughly enjoy my high. I think I solved The world’s problems, and invented the next Facebook! Hope I remember it in the am! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼

    Oliver C

  4. Janesville LL

    When I read that Runtz was the strain of the year 2020, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I ground up enough to half fill the oven of my DaVinci Micro and went to work. It has a fruity aroma with little or no dry-mouth. The buzz snuck upon me however. I was about to complain that I did not feel anything and realized I was talking to myself out loud, a sure sign for me that was impaired. Then I noticed that I was in an incredible mood! The sky was bluer, music sounded sweeter, everything just felt brighter! To me, Runtz is good daytime strain but don’t operate heavy equipment. It’s more of a riding with your wife while she does errands strain. I’m a flavor chaser and try to keep five strains in my stash, just because I can. This one makes the cut up.

    Janesville LL

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