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Ether runtz strain

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Ether runtz

“Ether runtz” is Fire Society #1 sugary smelling cream of gas giving you a euphoric and majorly heavy high most love by all it consumers.

Parental lineage: Gelato 41 x Gushers. Click here to go our home page:

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4 reviews for Ether runtz strain

  1. Liam V

    Can’t say enough about this one – mostly cuz I don’t remember what happened after smoking. I was totally gone. A little goes a long way. Totally crazy dizzy hallucinating sort of high. Really fun. Only downside is the flavor – it tasted like a dryer sheet.

    Liam V

  2. Emma H

    I’m going to give a non bias review, this strain smells and looks great, BUT the Hugh isn’t crazy powerful just really happy and relaxed so don’t expect to be SMACKED even though an indica you can still move around it’ll have you laughing a lot.

    Emma H

  3. Ava E

    This shit is beautiful. That is all.

    Ava E

  4. Malcom P

    Dense dark-green Ether runtz strain. The herbal/floral/sweet of Gelato, but the Skittlez pumps the fruity/sweet to 11. Taste: More of the sweet, fruity, herbal, earthy. Froot Loops on the exhale. Effect: After ripping a bowl of this, I’m walking around my house as if there’s a soundtrack playing. No wonder all the musicians were smoking this in the studio a few years back. It’s like it takes your ironic observing self and encases it in a protective bubble and tosses that bubble into a pool of liquid marshmallow. Gets you totally baked, but with no mental sluggishness, and after a few minutes you note a grin plastered across your face for no reason. My Take: Perfect all-day, any-time, works-every-time kind of bud! Achieves the hybrid ideal of indica without the sleepiness + sativa without the raciness, Creative, Happy, Uplifted.

    Malcom P

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