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Dr. Grinspoon Strain


Dr. Grinspoon is among the pure sativa medical marijuana strains and as an honor to Dr. Lester Grinspoon. He is a world famous great researcher, advocate and author who was also a Harvard professor. This medical marijuana strain which was produced by ‘Barneys Farm’ is the second prize winner of ‘Cannabis Cup’. This plant tends to develop thinner and taller. Upon maturing, the cola of this marijuana strain would appear like small green and red colored beads. The plant would appear similar to berries over the stem. The THC levels of this particular strain would range from 20% to 25%, while the CBD level is 0.4%. The aroma that is being given out of the buds will be lemony whereas the aroma of the smoke is mild and tangy combined with fruity smells. This particular strain would offer a long-standing, heavy cerebral high to the users. Hence, this is found to be a good strain for patients who are fighting mental disorders and will be a fine mood elevator. Moreover, Dr. Grinspoon would help in alleviating mood disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and pain.


Dr. grinspoon strain, Very balanced effect, which i find surprising for high-sativa strains (this particular one is 100%).Very creative stuff + energizing. but not hysterical. Very useful “midday” weed. Cannabis

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I met this strain last week. Oh my what a mellow, euphoric feeling. I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and it helped alleviate my pain. Dr. grinspoon strain

The Best Wake and Bake!! Energetic and Happy High

I normally prefer indica type highs, but this is pure relaxed bliss. Love it.

Bob Marley Sativa ROCKS!!

this was my first time smoking this bud. Its also the first time ive found it in mi. the bud i got was dark purple and was very dense. will for sure keep this in stock

Thumbs up walawala bung bang


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