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Buy Soto Runtz Online

(4 customer reviews)


Minimum Order:3 packs= $120

Buy Soto Runtz Online

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4 reviews for Buy Soto Runtz Online

  1. Ebony Grey

    Usually when I smoke I’m very quiet, lowkey paranoid. My first time smoking runtz was awesome. I’m energetic! I’m not tired nor paranoid lol. Plus it smells fruity, and the hits are so smooth. However, feels like Aroused Energetic, Euphoric, Happy.

    Ebony Grey

  2. Belle LV

    This is my new favorite strain it taste absolutely amazing its so fresh and so potent, it has the best aromas,very loud! The high is very calming and relaxing perfect for anytime of the day honestly! 😍💗👍🏼💨🤤

    Belle LV

  3. Loki

    OMG, 10/10 recommend this strain! I took 2 hits of it (dabs) and im good, I have a very high tolerance and this is the highest I’ve been in a while! so cool.


  4. Chloe MJ

    Runtz is the Absolute Best flower on Gods green earth for people with a high tolerance & just want the best of best !!!!! FACT.

    Chloe MJ

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