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Blue Runtz

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Blue Runtz Strain

Blue runtz strain is a 65% Indica and 35% Sativa, which is making a sensible Indica hybrid produce by a cross between white runtz and blueberry runtz. this strain is very rare and gives a lovable taste that is most love by all.

The aroma is pretty wonderful and calming.

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3 reviews for Blue Runtz

  1. Suzzy T

    I love this strain is very Creative! Hubby too. I pack a bowl after sending our kids off to school then get busy on the house. Makes me feel uplifted, giddy and productive. I feel it more in the back of my head than the front which I like. It gives me a good buzz without affecting my thinking and function. Nice to smoke in the morning and evening but not too late or I can’t sleep. Would definitely recommend.

    Suzzy T

  2. Toby PP

    I got a bag of shake, that was Blue Runtz. Shake can be hit or miss for me, so I was worried. To my surprise this strain hit me like a train! I get more of a head high, that eventually creeps into a body high. I’m definitely couch locked every time I smoke this strain. The mental stimulation is immaculate. I feel like I never run out of things to talk about. Definitely a must have, and will continue to be one of my favorites! Oh! Also the taste is sweet with skunk undertones. Anyways, what are you waiting for? Go BUY it now!

    Toby PP

  3. Jony k

    This tastes very similar to Zkittlez but the high differs greatly. Runtz is very energizing where Zkittlez tends to be more sedating in my opinion. It’s a great strain especially if you already like its parent strains. It’s great for doing stuff and it tastes amazing, very fruity, with hints of lemon, lime, berry and grape. It’s really good.

    Jony k

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